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Monday, February 9, 2009

Sick of Sickness

When is the sickness ever going to END?

We have been watching Kira for the last two months with mono and her liver. Her eyes have been swollen which they attributed to the mono but its been two months now! Now they are going to send her in to an optometrist.

Two or Three weeks ago(honestly I can't remember time is crawling right now) Logan got a sinus infection, two days later Dallas got an ear infections, two days later Kaden was in the hospital for his asthma AGAIN(last time was in may right before Logan had his appendix out), both Kaden and Dallas had Diarrhea, Kaden had it so bad his whole butt was bleeding(not an exaggeration)! We had to get a prescription for his bottom and he's doing better now.

So when we were at the hospital with Kaden they found that most of his wheezing is from his tonsils being so LARGE. So we get to have those taken out pretty soon. I am so excited(notice the sarcasm)! That means another 2-3 day stay in the hospital during a move! Oh Boy!

Then 4 days later(I got a little break)Logan complained that his ear hurt. I thought he's just finished his antibiotics, he can't have an ear infection! So I took him in and they cleaned his ear out and it looked fine and sent us home. Pain was still there and growing worse, which for Logan is a big deal cause nothing ever hurts. So they prescribed us some pain drops and he about flew threw the roof(see last sentence). So we took him in and he has Mastoiditis. His ear canal was almost shut and his ear was swollen and behind his ear was swollen. Poor guy, he's feeling a little better now.

The next day Kaden started an ear infection and is still coughing. Anybody else having this much fun? Really it should not be allowed to have this much fun!

I'm saying UNCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry about the complaining I just had to get that out.


Cherie said...

WAHHH! I'll cry for you too! That sucks.

Janice said...

oh my, I had no idea. you have every right to complain! I'm so sorry. Is there anything we can do? Seriously!!!! please call if there is!

Danelle Grossnickle said...

Man that is a lot of junk in a short amount of time! Hang in there Jen!