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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dallas playing in the water falls

Kira soaked from the water
Don't know why he does this with his hands but its cute!

Logan getting so handsome!

Friday, June 19, 2009

So for my birthday I asked Bryson to send me of a picture of him that I could put up in my house since I have been putting up pictures. For those of you who don't know...Bryson is on a mission in Denver Colorado.

Here is what he sent me with what he wrote on the back(I will try to translate for you):

Learned to play the bagpipes...ish.

And the accordian!

(Me scriptures)? dominated by a sister missionary. They don't stop talking!
Emu band we created to make fun of emu people...:) There are songs and everything.

Welcome to Rifle!

Morning exersise up the mountian to look out.

Morning exercise. Looking over 1/8 of our area.

Pretty sweet huh?
I just laugh at this last one!!! Ok dude Love the flower thanks!
But my favorite is the bag pipes and kilt!
I am so glad he is so happy and enjoying this opportunity to serve. I am so proud of him! I can't belive that in 2 weeks is his year mark! Yikes!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nutty week at the Nuthouse

Ok so me and my hubby have started a side business. During the day I look up cheap broken psps and xbox 360s and buy them, at night(when he has about 20 min...but mostly sat.) he fixes them and then I sell them during the day. We thought this was going to be a quick easy hour a day for me and some sat time and night time for him...So far every time the kids get in the car they ask if we are going to go pick up more xboxs or psps with groaning and moaning...especially the last 4 days since it was really sunny outside and they got to spend it in the car. :( Sorry guys! But the good news is that we are actually making some money! So anyway everyday I spend most of my time on the computer or phone and when peter is home he spends most of his time in his office fixing things. It has been crazy!!!!!

This week was crazy for that reason and a different reason. KADEN!! Ok he has got to be the cutest boy on the face of this earth!!! I CAN NOT GET ENOUGH OF HIM!!! Oh he just makes me so happy....most of the time! He has been on this following mommy around crying bit that just drives me bonkers!!! But he has such a cute smile and he is just so cuddly I can't stay mad at him for long.

Anyway as for the crazy part. Monday night bed time. Both Dallas and Kaden were poopy and PU!! So I decided to give them a bath..not unusual..changed their diapers and put them in...sat there for a couple min and then I just couldn't take the smell any longer. Those diapers were NASTY!! So I thought Kaden is 15 months now I can just throw these in the garbage in the hall.(you know whats coming don't ya!) I hear Dallas screaming DaDen! DaDen! DaDen! and lots of splashing. I rush back in there and Kaden is on the bottom of the tub on his back arching trying so desperately to get out of the water...while Dallas is standing there pointing at him and screaming his name. I rush and pluck him out of the water and stand him on the toilet and pound his back to get all the water out. HE WAS NOT HAPPY! I didn't care I was still in shock from seeing him completely under the water!!!!! I was only gone less than five seconds!!!! Thank you Dallas for calling for help to save your little brother!!!

Ok so after I calmed down and realized I had not lost another child...I started worrying about dry drowning.(if you don't know what it is look it up! It is scary!) Then I was so tired I fell asleep and forgot about it. Peter on the other hand woke up like 7 times to check on him. Thank you honey!!

Ok so Thursday rolls around all too quickly...seriously where is the time going? The sister missionaries come over and I was feeding Kaden on the kitchen chair. All of a sudden he looses his balance and falls backwards and hits the back of his head. I check him out and he stops crying. I stopped worrying. 2am my hubby comes in and says that Kaden is throwing up. I help clean up and change him and go back to bed...Peter is asleep instantly...Kaden throws up 3 more times and eventually wakes up Kira and Dallas. Dallas won't go back to sleep and HAS to sleep on our floor next to our bed. I got back to sleep by 4 am. I was so tired!! I decided to let everyone sleep in since we had such an eventful night. We got up at around 9:30 and my brain started to put two and two together. I called the nurse and she said to take him IMMEDIATELY to the ER. So I haul all the kids to the ER and luckily the sister miss. called someone in the ward to come get my other kids so they didn't have to sit through the waiting. Thank you Bonnie! Anyway they did a full neurological exam and he is fine! Whew! They think he must have had a minor concussion and just gotten it all out of his system. Why do I feel like some incompetent mother to not put those two things together!!! Yikes! I mean my grandmother just died two years ago with in 24 hrs of hitting her head! You would think I would be a little concerned!!

Well off we go to another week...I just hope its not as eventful as the last!

PS Congrats to all those families who are expecting and adopting..I am so excited for you all! You know who you are!!!

Side note: Dallas is doing so well on speeking that we are able to understand about 50% of what he is saying now! YEA!!! I was laughing the other day because we were going over different animals and the sounds they make:

Cow=Dow Moo=Moo Cat=diddy dat Meow=now sheep=eep baa=aaa Duck=utt quack=DRAT DRAT

I laughed so hard and asked him to say it again.....what does a duck say......Drat drat!! LOL
He really is trying to say quack but he can't pronounce q's or k's yet. Oh so cute!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

He's getting so old!!!

I know these pictures are a little blurry but he is still so cute!!!
He was enjoying the deviled eggs I made
He was stealing Dallas' blanket and KNEW he was in trouble! But look at that face!

This is what he wore sunday.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pinewood Derby District Meet

Today was the District Pinewood Derby meet. Since Logan made 2nd place in our troop, his car was sent to districts with 11 other cars from our troop. Because of this Papa Newman wanted to take Logan to Districts. (I did not want to go, I heard there would be hundreds of cars and it was going to be an all day thing....I can think of 2 little boys who would not last 30 min!!) Peter, Papa Newman, Logan and Kira went to districts.

Districts ended up with 175 cars. Each car was to race 6 times each getting 1 turn on each lane. Logan won 5 out of his 6 races.(It only took 3 hrs and they feed everyone taco bell)

We thought that since Keanu beat Logan in our own troop he would be behind Keanu what ever Keanu made. Keanu also won 5 out of 6 races but they never actually raced each other.

They determine the winner by taking all your times and adding them all up and so forth. When they announced the winners they started with 3rd place....Keanu....(Dang....sorry Logan).....2nd Place Logan Newman!!!!!!!!!! It turned out with his times he beat Keanu by .1 sec!!!!

He ended up with 2nd place out of 175 cars!!!! We are very proud and happy for him and he is so excited. He even got a medal!!!

I kinda regret not going but I didn't think he'd stand a chance and I didn't want to battle I an awful mom or what!!
No faith :( I am horrible!!!

Way to go Logan!!!!!!! I love you!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Logan's First Pinewood Derby

Logan had his first pinewood derby yesterday. Peter and Logan had been working on his car for weeks. It looked like it paid off cause he won second place! Good job Logan!

Logans car is black with a blue dragon that Peter drew

He was very happy to win second place

Kaden enjoyed the cupcakes!

Logan got a pin for getting second.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Ok so my luck still hasn't come back yet and I'm not going to tell you about it cause right now I feel so grateful, I don't want to ruin it.

The sun is out! Its so nice. It was such a sunny weekend and its still sunny today. We actually sat outside on our back porch yesterday. This morning I was doing the dishes with the sun pouring in the window. I am so grateful for my house. I am so happy here. I have my own kitchen, my own bedroom and more than one bathroom! I am so blessed! I have 4 beautiful children who are so sweet and caring, I really couldn't ask for better kids! And I have a wonderful caring husband who always is looking out for his family. We have a car that works and works well.

Living in someone elses house for 2.5 years has really made me appreciate the little things. I am so...I don't even know how to describe it....pure joy. Maybe its the sun shinning that has gotten to me but I am so happy today!

I am grateful for the gospel and for the opportunity for listing to the Prophet and apostles yesterday. I am grateful for a techno husband who hooked the computer to our small TV and we all watched conference in our room piled on the couch and our bed.

The one talk yesterday that really impacted me was the story of the widow with 4 kids walking 1000 miles with a small wooden wagon. I couldn't believe that she lost all 4 kids! It just broke my heart. I could partly sympathize with her since I have lost one of my own...but 4 kids and her husband! I couldn't fathom. And I hope I never have to! I think of what she went through and I know all of my complaints are trivial.

I remember after Kassi died that nothing seemed important anymore. Everything seemed so insignificant that I just didn't understand why the whole world couldn't see the whole picture. That everything we do on earth affects us in the afterlife. And now that I'm out of that "phase" I sometimes forget "the whole picture" and stories like this remind me of whats really important.
I know this probably isn't making any sense, I'm horrible at expressing my thoughts into words.

I just know that I'm grateful not to have to be a pioneer and pushing a handcart and moving across country in the dead of winter. I'm grateful to have heat and a roof over my head in the winter. And definitely thankful for Doctors and the whole medical field that helps keep our family healthy.

I Thank you for listing to my random rambling. I just had to do something!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Seriously did my luck run screaming? Here's my last week....

Thursday: Our TV died. We have had this TV for 5 years and now it just DIED! And we just bought a couch so no money to buy a new we are left with the 18" that's in our room. Oh well. Not too bad right?

Friday: Dallas and Kaden were wrestling, it was so cute I was so happy that they were playing so nicely together. Then Kaden starts screaming and runs to Peter, Peter then started to tell him to buck up, then he saw the bruise starting to form on his cheek. By bedtime he had a black eye.

Saturday: Kaden decided to try walking down the front steps with out holding on to anything. Needless to say he didn't make it and landed flat on his FACE. I thought it was going to be hamburger. Luckily he only got a fat lip.

Sunday: A day of rest. It truly was. No accidents. Thank goodness.

Monday: First day of Spring Break. Keep my fingers crossed. Then the screaming started. I hear Kira say, "Mom can you get a band aid, Kadens bleeding." Great....Kaden got his finger slammed in the door and had a chunk of skin taken off the pad of his finger. Poor guy...he cried all day.

Tuesday: Where are my keys? I NEVER loose my keys, NEVER. I always hang them up. As a kid my mom always lost her keys, so I have been very careful about loosing my keys. The problem is the kids grab the keys and go get the mail and then don't put them back. I couldn't find them anywhere! We had an apt at 10am and I started looking at 8. I finally found them in the new couch in a hole they fell through at 9:53 am. We were a little late but I HATE being late. Ok so not too bad right? Then Kira was playing outside when we got back and fell and scraped her knee and hands. For kids this is a normal thing, for Kira its the end of the world as she knows it. She screamed for an hour. And was still whimpering by bed time.

Wednesday: Ok lets turn this around. I'm not going anywhere today. I did really well I got Logans closet cleaned put in two dressers and organized their clothes. Then I decided I was going to do laundry and match my 3 baskets full of socks. Ok so if I'm going to do that I'm gonna watch Hello Dolly. I've been wanting to watch it since Wall-E came out. I got all settled and got 1 basket of matched socks and two more to go by the end of the movie. I went to go get Kaden some milk and passed the kids bathroom. The door was closed the light was on and it sounded like the shower was on. I don't have a shower curtain in there yet so I rushed in. First step was in an inch of water. Not the shower. It was the toilet overflowing and still running. I rushed over and turned the water off. Kaden followed me in and slipped and hit the back of his head on the floor and was wet...He started screaming, Dallas then scared starts to cry. Logan and Kira come running and they both go grab towels. I ask Logan to go check downstairs to see if any water leaked through. He yells that its all over the kitchen table. I run downstairs and water is pouring in a waterfall like manner from the light fixture onto the table onto the chairs and onto the floor in a huge pool of water. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Ok so now I have 8 holes in my ceiling and carpet up from the floor trying to dry and 4 loads of towels to wash and dry. FABULOUS.

Yep my luck ran screaming!

Monday, March 30, 2009

We need your Help!!!

My wonderful parents bought us these fabulous cabinets for our laundry room as a housewarming gift. WE LOVE THEM.
Heres the problem, the counter top has two sides and we can't agree on which side to keep. So we thought we would leave it up to you! I am not going to tell you which ones we like so it will be fair. Here are the pictures. The poll is on the right side of my blog.

Thanks for your help!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm back!

Ok so since the last posting we've closed on our house and moved in. My mom came for a week and a half to help me unpack which was a HUGE help! We are LOVING the new house. We are so excited and have settled right in. The kids have made friends at church and on our street, its been wonderful. We are enjoying unpacking all of our stuff and have been surprised to see what we did pack!

When we originally when we packed, we thought everything would be in storage for 4 months not 3 years!!! I had to throw out 7 boxes of expired food. I felt so wasteful. We had 19 boxes of toys!!! I found all my clothes..I thought I was missing a few...turns out I was missing A LOT!!

We now have about 15 boxes for donation...did you know your cub scout can earn a goodwill badge for donating over 5 huge garbage bags? Yup...good job Logan! ;-)

We have all been healthy except for the week that my mom was here...all three boys had ear infections. Nice timing mom! :)

We are all so happy!!!!! It is so nice to have a home again. Thank you all for your prayers..they certainly paid off!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Pictures

Ok so I put kids to bed and decided to download some pics before I collapse into bed. I uploaded Pics from Brad and Rachels wedding, and the Pics from inside our house. Sounds like we MIGHT close this Friday....Heres to keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Remember...Go to the list of my other web pages and click on Newman Nuthouse Pictures.

My Commercial

Ok a bunch of you have asked about my commercial and I finally got a copy of it, so I put a link on the right side so you can all go and see it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sick of Sickness

When is the sickness ever going to END?

We have been watching Kira for the last two months with mono and her liver. Her eyes have been swollen which they attributed to the mono but its been two months now! Now they are going to send her in to an optometrist.

Two or Three weeks ago(honestly I can't remember time is crawling right now) Logan got a sinus infection, two days later Dallas got an ear infections, two days later Kaden was in the hospital for his asthma AGAIN(last time was in may right before Logan had his appendix out), both Kaden and Dallas had Diarrhea, Kaden had it so bad his whole butt was bleeding(not an exaggeration)! We had to get a prescription for his bottom and he's doing better now.

So when we were at the hospital with Kaden they found that most of his wheezing is from his tonsils being so LARGE. So we get to have those taken out pretty soon. I am so excited(notice the sarcasm)! That means another 2-3 day stay in the hospital during a move! Oh Boy!

Then 4 days later(I got a little break)Logan complained that his ear hurt. I thought he's just finished his antibiotics, he can't have an ear infection! So I took him in and they cleaned his ear out and it looked fine and sent us home. Pain was still there and growing worse, which for Logan is a big deal cause nothing ever hurts. So they prescribed us some pain drops and he about flew threw the roof(see last sentence). So we took him in and he has Mastoiditis. His ear canal was almost shut and his ear was swollen and behind his ear was swollen. Poor guy, he's feeling a little better now.

The next day Kaden started an ear infection and is still coughing. Anybody else having this much fun? Really it should not be allowed to have this much fun!

I'm saying UNCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry about the complaining I just had to get that out.

Happy 9th Anniversary!!

Happy 9th Anniversary Sweet-heart!
After 9 years, 5 kids, and 12 moves,
you are still the one for me!

Isn't he cute!

Friday, January 30, 2009

My Pictures

I've noticed that its easier to put my pictures on shutterfly so if you want to see our pictures click on my link! Or click on the Newman Nuthouse Pictures link under My other pages. I have pictures of the kids, the house, and Logans baptism!

Our New House!!!

People have been begging for information so here it is.


We have waited 2 1/2 long years to get a place of our own and now its happening!!! We are so excited we can hardly contain ourselves!

It is in Ridgefield which is closer to the city(about 20 min) and close to Peters parents house(about 20 min). Peters bus will pick/drop him up at the house so we don't have to pick/drop him off at the stop and drop any more! Yea!!! The kids will finish out the school year at La Center schools and then transfer to Ridgefield.

Ok about the house....It is a little over 2400 sq ft, 2 car garage, 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, living room, family room, and dining area. The laundry room is upstairs with the bedrooms(SO NICE!). There is a bay window in the Kitchen nook area, and tile back splashes in all the bathrooms and Kitchen. We are right up against the Green belt so there is no one behind us and there never will be. There is walking trails around the Green belt but NOT behind MY house...thank goodness I don't want people walking by every 5 min! There is a little park at the end of the walking trail so that will be fun. We are on the very end street so we won't get alot of traffic.

We are so excited.....first time we will have more than 1 bathroom, a garage, a family room, and the part the kids like the best.....Stairs! When we were looking for houses their questions were...Does it have stairs? and Does it have a pool? Those were the most important to them! I remember saying the same thing about a pool to my parents....they didn't get a pool till I moved out...Thanks mom and dad that was NICE! :-P

The Appraiser is going to the house today and the inspection will be done on Monday, then we sign Papers next week and then its time to MOVE IN!!!!! YEA!!! No more going outside and upstairs to go to the kitchen or bathroom. I will have my OWN ROOM!!! We will have more than one room!!!!! I will have my own kitchen again!!!!!! I will have my own Bathroom!!!!!! Ok can anyone tell how excited I am??

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Catch up!

Ok so we are now back from Vacation. So I'm going to start from the beginning since its been a whole month!!! Pictures to come!

My parents came down to see Logan get baptized and that was so awesome! We are so excited for him and love to see his excitement for the gospel and the scriptures! My parents took Kaden with them because I would be flying out in a week anyway, and that would be one less kid to worry about. They had so much fun together but I don't think they remembered how much energy it takes to watch one that weighs so much and has so much energy!

We had Kira's birthday party the sat before we left. When we woke up that morning there was 2 ft of snow!!! We didn't know if the van would make it out! Then the power went out and I still had to cook the pizzas! Luckily my wonderful friend Rachel let us come and cook the pizzas at her house! Kira had such a nice time at her party and was so happy!

We flew out that Tuesday for my parents house and our 6 hr trip turned into a 12 hr trip! Luckily I didn't have Kaden or I don't think I would have made it! One problem was that I caught Dallas licking one of the hand rails, I thought I caught him in enough time but 2 days later he was pucking his guts out..then the rest of us were! I felt so bad. My Dad, my mom, my brothers, my sister in-laws, my nephew, my grandpa, my kids, my husband, the missionarys, it was so bad!!! Oh well! A Christmas to remember right! My husband was snowed in after we left until he had to leave and it looked like he got out in enough time because the snow just DUMPED after he left and he wouldn't have gotten to come. We had so much fun at Gma and Papa's house even though we were all not feeling well all at different times.

Peter had to go home the Monday after Christmas and then we did wedding prep for the rest of the week. Brad and Rachel's wedding was fabulous! Kira thought she was in princess land! She was in heaven! She even enjoyed cleaning it all up...she didn't want to leave! After that it was time to get packed up and go home. Luckily on the way home we were only delayed 45 min so that wasn't too bad. Logan and Kira are still bouncing off the walls though! It's been hard to get everybody back into a routine! Even me! Kaden is finally getting used to not being held constantly but it took a LOT of screaming!!

We had so much fun and we wish it could have lasted longer but now we have to get back into the swing of things.

We hope you all enjoyed your holidays!!!