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Monday, December 1, 2008


For anyone who would like to come, Logans Baptism is on Sat Dec 6th at 10am at the Battle Ground LDS Building. We would love to have you there!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The rest of the pictures

The Happy Birthday boy!

The whole crew!

We had some Monkeys at the party!
He was so excited to get his presents he fainted! (OK not really, he's just a ham!)

Logans Birthday

I finaly had the time(and the energy)to get Logan's birthday party pictures up..and it won't let me upload the pictures I want to you'll have to deal with these right now. Logan had a Poke'mon party, and had so much fun. We painted ping pong balls like poke'balls and hid them around the playground. Then let them all try to find them and they would bring one back and trade it for a poke'mon and then go look for another. Then we gave them each a Poke'mon guide book(I found a pack of 8 for really cheap) and they were so excited to find each of their poke'mon in the book. It was very windy and a little rainy so the decorations didn't work but the kids had fun!

Here they are all looking at their books and comparing Poke'mon

I love this picture. They all look so grown-up! Scary!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Ok now that soccer season is over, I might have part of my life back! Oh but wait it can't get that good yet! I got the flu and then Kaden and Dallas got it, then I got a cold and then Kira, Dallas, and Kaden got it. Kaden had an ear infection with blood coming out of his ear(that was fun!), and Kiras eyes got swollen so she could hardley see, turned out to be a sinus infection. Then this last Friday Dallas got his Adeniods and Tonsils out. There was some more in between there but I'm sure you get the idea. I am so tired I feel like I'm about to fall over! Kadens doing better but now he's cutting one of his top teeth. Kiras eyes aren't as swollen but now she says her ear hurts(haven't decided what to do about that one), and Dallas just plain hurts. He wants to eat everything everybody else is eating but he can only have liquids or mashed potatoes or Applesauce, none of which he wants nothing to do with!

Logan is the only one to survive unscathed! We just celebrated his 8th birthday and he was so excited! I can't believe that I have an 8 year old! He had his bishops interview today for his baptism which is Dec 6th for any of you who would like to come!

OK so I guess I missed halloween too. Logan was Batman, Kira was Tinkerbell, Dallas was Buzz Lightyear, and Kaden wore the froggy costume that Dallas wore last year! We went trick or treating in town and after the first door, Dallas got the hang of it. The only thing was, he had to ride in the stroller inbetween houses. He wouldn't walk!!! It was so funny, but he has sprained his ankle the day before so I guess thats understandable. The next day we had Trunk or Treating at the ward building but Dallas and Kaden were so tired that Logan, Kira, and I just went. It was tons of fun and the kids got TONS of candy!

So other than being sick, halloween, and having a birthday party things have been going well. We are now getting ready for the holidays. When my parents come for Logans baptism, they are taking Kaden back with them. Then a week later we fly out there for christmas and Kiras birthday. We are all so excited and can't wait.

Sorry there are no new pictures but our camera broke! Yup second time in a year! But now its out of the warrenty period, of course. And just in time for Logans birthday, the last of the soccer games, Halloween and everything!!! Nice huh! So it might be a while before I post somemore pics. I've borrowed a camera now and then though so hopefully we wont get too behind!

Sorry this is so scatterbrained, and I'm sure I left some things out but I'll have to write about them later.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Picture Tag

So we were picture tagged!! I guess how it goes is.... You go to your picture file... choose the 4th file and the 4th picture in it, explain about it... post it... and tag others.... so here it goes!!

This is Dallas this last March. He was a frog for it at goodwill for like $2! He was so cute, but I forgot to take a picture, so in March(See how together I have it!) I took a picture of him in it. The amazing thing is that Kaden is so big that he is going to wear it this year!

So I tag....Kristen, Carrie, Cheri, and Angie

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Logan's Magic Question

Logan: "Dad, you know those tricks you do with the coin?"
Dad: "Yes"
Logan: "You know the one where you get it to come out of my ear?"
Dad: "Yes"
Logan: "How do you do that?"
Dad: "Well its called "Slight of Hand," its how you hold your hands and how you distract them with the other hand or with words."
Logan: "Yes, but the real question is how do I not feel it coming out of my ear?"

Yes that is the REAL question now isn't it!

Catch up

I know I haven't written in a while but that's because it has been CRAZY! With school started and Soccer and everything else in between, I'm surprised I've had time to.....oh wait I don't have time for anything. HAHA.

Kira and Logan are still doing AWESOME in soccer. The last two weeks combined they have scored over 7 goals each and when Logan is goalie, he has only let one ball through out of 15! They are both having so much fun and are really enjoying themselves.

Logan is doing really well in school, as is Kira. Dallas is adjusting to having every other day with only Mom and Kaden, since Kira goes to school Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday. Dallas is actually learning how to play with Kaden, its quite amusing to watch. He plays Peek-a-boo with him but it comes out "bee-a-boo."

On Sunday it was such a nice night that Logan and Kira wanted to sleep under the stars. So Peter dragged out some mattresses and Logan, Kira and I slept under the stars. It was so beautiful! We talked about the Milky Way and watched for shooting stars. We saw about 4 shooting stars, though if you ask Kira she will tell you she saw 11! The kids were so excited, I had a hard time trying to get them to close their mouths and their eyes! We had so much fun!

Well, asthma season has started back in, luckily out of all 3 of my boys only one is having issues at this point. Kaden has started wheezing again and has started to get a cold. Which he promptly gave to me and Kira. I think I am starting to get a sinus infection, my whole face hurts! Thank you so very much Kaden!

We are very excited for this weekend. Peters brother Jared and his family are coming to visit! It has been since last October since we've seen them and we are not used to having such long intervals in between visits since we used to live in the same city. I miss you Emily!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fun Snipets from the Newman Kids

This last June we went to my parents house in San Antonio TX, and like almost all grandparents they spoiled my kids. My Dad would feed them ice cream or cake for breakfast and all sorts of other "healthy" things.

This last Saturday I was going through the freezer and realized that the ice cream was going to go bad, so I called the kids in and gave them each a bowl. While in the other room I hear them at the table:

Logan: "Remember when Papa would feed us ice cream for breakfast?"
Kira: "Yea, he loves to spoil us!"
Logan: "Remember when he wouldn't let us go to bed without ice cream or oreos?"
Kira: "Yea, I miss those times. Mom never lets us do that stuff!"
Logan: "Yea, those were the good ole' days."

On Monday we were outside laying on the grass and looking at the stars. We noticed that it was really quiet. No crickets, owls, dogs, or coyotes. Coyotes are very prevalent in our area and we usually hear them howling. We were talking about the coyotes and Kira said she was scared.

Peter trying to make her feel better asked: "Who is on top of the food chain?"
Kira very quickly stated: "Mommy!"

On Tuesday we went to a Relief Society Potluck at a sisters house that lived in town. This part of town is very hilly and the hill we parked on was almost straight up and down.

Kira: "Mom, we should have walked here!" (We live 15 min away driving time)
Mom: "Kira, that would have taken a very long time to walk!"
Kira: "But Mom, you would loose all your weight!"

I must be talking about loosing weight a little too much around her!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our First Soccer Saturday of this Season!

Logan and Kira had pictures and their 1st games today! Both teams ended with a tie.

Logans team is the Warriors and tied 1-1. Logan did so well as goalie for the first half of the game that the other team never scored on him! Then during the second half he almost scored twice! Way to go Logan!

Kiras team is the Dragonflies and tied 7-7. Kira did so well during her game, she was always right with the ball. She scored 5 out of 7 goals for our team! Way to go Kira!

Logan played Goalie for half the game and was awesome!!

Logans Team


Yes thats right I'm coach..our website is listed under "my other webpages"

Kira was giving her team mate a hug and a kiss for scoring! How cute is that!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What a good babysitter

Kira has always been my biggest helper with all of my babies, and she constantly tells me that she can't wait to be a mom. Well the other day I needed something downstairs and didn't want to carry Kaden down the stairs, so I put him on the floor and told Kira to play with him till I got back. She of course was glad to do it and sat down and was playing with him. I came up the stairs 3 min later and this is what I found. She had picked Kaden up and put him on the rocking dog(yes, you read that right DOG, it barks too). Kaden weighs a whooping 23 pds and Kira weighs 35. I was surprised that she could even pick him up. She said, "Mom, he was crying so I wanted to make him happy!" She is going to make a GREAT MOM!

Look how happy they are!

She loves to make this face! I think its funny!
She and Kaden have such fun together!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Great day for Bikes

A couple of weeks ago we thought it would be good for the kids to get some bikes and actually LEARN how to ride them. We went to Garage sales hoping to find some cool deals but they were more expensive than the ones at Walmart! So one day I took Logan and Kira down and got them new bikes. For the last two weeks Logan has been outside when he gets the chance or when its not raining and trying to learn all by himself! He declined help from me and Dad and from Papa and Gma. He just kept trying and falling and trying and falling. One time he got up to like 8 pedals with out falling and was doing reall well till he hit the back end of the TRAILER at full speed! He survived with just a little road rash. Still did not detour him from trying again. Today he did it! He can now offically ride a bike! He's not so good at the steering part yet but he has the general idea. (He ran straight into Dallas tire hitting face and all! Dallas' teeth cut into his top lip but he's fine, Logan's pride his hurt but they are all ok!) We are so proud of Logan and how well he is doing! Here's a couple of pictures of Logan riding.

Kira is also doing well with learning how to ride. She has the balance for the most part she just forgets to keep pedaling! The only problem, I've learned as a parent, with teaching kids how to ride bikes is the fact that you have to run with them! OH MY! I'm so tired!
Dallas has been so cute with them learning to ride their bikes. He didn't have one and so he took Kira's little Princess scooter and would go every 3 feet and then fall down. He was noticing the kids falling down while riding their bike that he thought it was the thing to do! He was so funny. I found this little bike at Value Village and its a little beat up but he LOVES it! Its just his size too. He hasn't quite learned that you have to pedal forward to move the bike forward. He just gets on and yells,"Mom, Puuuush!" He's so cute!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I think I did it

Well I think I finally am used to this site and am going to attempt to use it from now on...We'll see how it goes. Wish me luck and I hope you like it. Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments, any help would be appreciated!