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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm back!

Ok so since the last posting we've closed on our house and moved in. My mom came for a week and a half to help me unpack which was a HUGE help! We are LOVING the new house. We are so excited and have settled right in. The kids have made friends at church and on our street, its been wonderful. We are enjoying unpacking all of our stuff and have been surprised to see what we did pack!

When we originally when we packed, we thought everything would be in storage for 4 months not 3 years!!! I had to throw out 7 boxes of expired food. I felt so wasteful. We had 19 boxes of toys!!! I found all my clothes..I thought I was missing a few...turns out I was missing A LOT!!

We now have about 15 boxes for donation...did you know your cub scout can earn a goodwill badge for donating over 5 huge garbage bags? Yup...good job Logan! ;-)

We have all been healthy except for the week that my mom was here...all three boys had ear infections. Nice timing mom! :)

We are all so happy!!!!! It is so nice to have a home again. Thank you all for your prayers..they certainly paid off!!!!

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