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Friday, April 2, 2010

Grandma's Visit

Flying Grandma(thats what they call Jen's mom since we have to fly to see each other) got to come visit for a whole week! We got to do some very fun things. We played games and went to parks and just got to spend time together. It was a great week. The pictures I have are of us going to the zoo and circus. That's right, the kids got to go to their first circus! They loved it. Here are the pics, enjoy!

Logans head is in the Lion that Kira's riding. I guess Kira was mad at him that day! ;)
Logan, Kira(in the back), Dallas, and Kaden all got to ride the Zoo train. Dallas and Kaden were super excited to ride on a train!

Logan's feeding a Loraket, with Kaden and Gma in the back, Kaden did not want to get very close to the birds.

Dallas feeding the Lorakets.

The birds LOVED Kira for some reason, once she had 4 on her at the same time! Dallas is in the back.
Kira, Logan, and Dallas on an Elephant! It was so cool! Kiras trying to touch the Elephants ears.

Flying Gma and all the Kids. We had such fun. Thanks for coming and seeing us!!


.·:*¨¨*:·.Hep*Hep*Hooray said...

wow! what pretty birds. we need to get to the zoo soon, too. looks like a very fun time :)

Mona said...

Let's hear it for GRANDMA's!!!