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Monday, December 6, 2010

I am going to lose it!!

I grew up being generally athletic. I was on the swim team by 8 yrs old and did that till my senior year, when I tried Diving and Water Polo. By 18, I was slim(135) and muscular. I got married and had my first child at 20, now 10 years and 6 kids later I have some weight to lose. I have always tried to eat right, but have never found the time(after my 2nd child) to exercise consistently. Yet you would think that chasing after the kids and carrying my HUGE babies(they are usually 24pds by 4 months) I would loose alot of weight, but oh well.

I do not hold any false hopes of making it back to 135, but I would like to make it to a "healthy" weight. I started, a calorie counter and its been nice for the last 3 days having to account for everything that I eat. I find myself eating smaller portions and not snacking as much. I started exercising last Friday night and this week I made a commitment to exercise at least 3 times a week. This morning I got up and ran for 15 min, it felt so good!! I just hope that I am able to keep it up. Peter wants to loose weight too, so I think I'm going to start a competition with him, to see who can loose the most by May/June.

I know people are always over-zealous at the beginning, but somethings gotta give and I am making the change.

I started MFP Thurs Dec 3rd at 189.
I am hoping that I can hit 150 by May or June for the Miller Reunion!


Lisa said...

you are awesome! i think i'm going to join you on this trek - but i'm not posting my weight ;) i want to lose a lot (A LOT) of weight before the reunion so let's keep each other going ;0

Rice Family said...

That's too funny... I laugh becasue it's ironic that I am using that same gadet (on my phone) and running 3 times a week to lost the weight as well. My goal is to run a half marathon by next june. I figured that training for a half marathon would ensure weight loss... I ran my first race, a 5K, last Saturday. You will do it. I know that when you put your mind to it you finish. Go for it! xoxo

Cherie said...

Go Jenny! All I have to say is, if they have a 24 hour fitness in your area do it. And get the child care option while your kiddos are at school you can take a break and get in a good workout. It's worth the sacrifice financially to feel your best.

My new mantra is, "Nothing will ever taste as good as being healthy will feel!" I say it every time I want to eat an extra helping, or when I'm craving lots of sugar. Good luck!