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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Ok now that soccer season is over, I might have part of my life back! Oh but wait it can't get that good yet! I got the flu and then Kaden and Dallas got it, then I got a cold and then Kira, Dallas, and Kaden got it. Kaden had an ear infection with blood coming out of his ear(that was fun!), and Kiras eyes got swollen so she could hardley see, turned out to be a sinus infection. Then this last Friday Dallas got his Adeniods and Tonsils out. There was some more in between there but I'm sure you get the idea. I am so tired I feel like I'm about to fall over! Kadens doing better but now he's cutting one of his top teeth. Kiras eyes aren't as swollen but now she says her ear hurts(haven't decided what to do about that one), and Dallas just plain hurts. He wants to eat everything everybody else is eating but he can only have liquids or mashed potatoes or Applesauce, none of which he wants nothing to do with!

Logan is the only one to survive unscathed! We just celebrated his 8th birthday and he was so excited! I can't believe that I have an 8 year old! He had his bishops interview today for his baptism which is Dec 6th for any of you who would like to come!

OK so I guess I missed halloween too. Logan was Batman, Kira was Tinkerbell, Dallas was Buzz Lightyear, and Kaden wore the froggy costume that Dallas wore last year! We went trick or treating in town and after the first door, Dallas got the hang of it. The only thing was, he had to ride in the stroller inbetween houses. He wouldn't walk!!! It was so funny, but he has sprained his ankle the day before so I guess thats understandable. The next day we had Trunk or Treating at the ward building but Dallas and Kaden were so tired that Logan, Kira, and I just went. It was tons of fun and the kids got TONS of candy!

So other than being sick, halloween, and having a birthday party things have been going well. We are now getting ready for the holidays. When my parents come for Logans baptism, they are taking Kaden back with them. Then a week later we fly out there for christmas and Kiras birthday. We are all so excited and can't wait.

Sorry there are no new pictures but our camera broke! Yup second time in a year! But now its out of the warrenty period, of course. And just in time for Logans birthday, the last of the soccer games, Halloween and everything!!! Nice huh! So it might be a while before I post somemore pics. I've borrowed a camera now and then though so hopefully we wont get too behind!

Sorry this is so scatterbrained, and I'm sure I left some things out but I'll have to write about them later.

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