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Monday, April 6, 2009


Ok so my luck still hasn't come back yet and I'm not going to tell you about it cause right now I feel so grateful, I don't want to ruin it.

The sun is out! Its so nice. It was such a sunny weekend and its still sunny today. We actually sat outside on our back porch yesterday. This morning I was doing the dishes with the sun pouring in the window. I am so grateful for my house. I am so happy here. I have my own kitchen, my own bedroom and more than one bathroom! I am so blessed! I have 4 beautiful children who are so sweet and caring, I really couldn't ask for better kids! And I have a wonderful caring husband who always is looking out for his family. We have a car that works and works well.

Living in someone elses house for 2.5 years has really made me appreciate the little things. I am so...I don't even know how to describe it....pure joy. Maybe its the sun shinning that has gotten to me but I am so happy today!

I am grateful for the gospel and for the opportunity for listing to the Prophet and apostles yesterday. I am grateful for a techno husband who hooked the computer to our small TV and we all watched conference in our room piled on the couch and our bed.

The one talk yesterday that really impacted me was the story of the widow with 4 kids walking 1000 miles with a small wooden wagon. I couldn't believe that she lost all 4 kids! It just broke my heart. I could partly sympathize with her since I have lost one of my own...but 4 kids and her husband! I couldn't fathom. And I hope I never have to! I think of what she went through and I know all of my complaints are trivial.

I remember after Kassi died that nothing seemed important anymore. Everything seemed so insignificant that I just didn't understand why the whole world couldn't see the whole picture. That everything we do on earth affects us in the afterlife. And now that I'm out of that "phase" I sometimes forget "the whole picture" and stories like this remind me of whats really important.
I know this probably isn't making any sense, I'm horrible at expressing my thoughts into words.

I just know that I'm grateful not to have to be a pioneer and pushing a handcart and moving across country in the dead of winter. I'm grateful to have heat and a roof over my head in the winter. And definitely thankful for Doctors and the whole medical field that helps keep our family healthy.

I Thank you for listing to my random rambling. I just had to do something!


Janice said...

It's not rambling, it's from your heart and it's good!

Danelle Grossnickle said...

Excellent post! I love gratitude posts!


I loved everything you had to say! Thank you for sharing. I must say, these are my most favorite posts of all because I get to see inside one's heart and I feel uplifted and motivated to be better. It really is inspiring. So thanks again for sharing...