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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pinewood Derby District Meet

Today was the District Pinewood Derby meet. Since Logan made 2nd place in our troop, his car was sent to districts with 11 other cars from our troop. Because of this Papa Newman wanted to take Logan to Districts. (I did not want to go, I heard there would be hundreds of cars and it was going to be an all day thing....I can think of 2 little boys who would not last 30 min!!) Peter, Papa Newman, Logan and Kira went to districts.

Districts ended up with 175 cars. Each car was to race 6 times each getting 1 turn on each lane. Logan won 5 out of his 6 races.(It only took 3 hrs and they feed everyone taco bell)

We thought that since Keanu beat Logan in our own troop he would be behind Keanu what ever Keanu made. Keanu also won 5 out of 6 races but they never actually raced each other.

They determine the winner by taking all your times and adding them all up and so forth. When they announced the winners they started with 3rd place....Keanu....(Dang....sorry Logan).....2nd Place Logan Newman!!!!!!!!!! It turned out with his times he beat Keanu by .1 sec!!!!

He ended up with 2nd place out of 175 cars!!!! We are very proud and happy for him and he is so excited. He even got a medal!!!

I kinda regret not going but I didn't think he'd stand a chance and I didn't want to battle I an awful mom or what!!
No faith :( I am horrible!!!

Way to go Logan!!!!!!! I love you!

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Bradshaw said...

Great to see your blog! Congrats to Logan (& Peter) for winning!