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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nutty week at the Nuthouse

Ok so me and my hubby have started a side business. During the day I look up cheap broken psps and xbox 360s and buy them, at night(when he has about 20 min...but mostly sat.) he fixes them and then I sell them during the day. We thought this was going to be a quick easy hour a day for me and some sat time and night time for him...So far every time the kids get in the car they ask if we are going to go pick up more xboxs or psps with groaning and moaning...especially the last 4 days since it was really sunny outside and they got to spend it in the car. :( Sorry guys! But the good news is that we are actually making some money! So anyway everyday I spend most of my time on the computer or phone and when peter is home he spends most of his time in his office fixing things. It has been crazy!!!!!

This week was crazy for that reason and a different reason. KADEN!! Ok he has got to be the cutest boy on the face of this earth!!! I CAN NOT GET ENOUGH OF HIM!!! Oh he just makes me so happy....most of the time! He has been on this following mommy around crying bit that just drives me bonkers!!! But he has such a cute smile and he is just so cuddly I can't stay mad at him for long.

Anyway as for the crazy part. Monday night bed time. Both Dallas and Kaden were poopy and PU!! So I decided to give them a bath..not unusual..changed their diapers and put them in...sat there for a couple min and then I just couldn't take the smell any longer. Those diapers were NASTY!! So I thought Kaden is 15 months now I can just throw these in the garbage in the hall.(you know whats coming don't ya!) I hear Dallas screaming DaDen! DaDen! DaDen! and lots of splashing. I rush back in there and Kaden is on the bottom of the tub on his back arching trying so desperately to get out of the water...while Dallas is standing there pointing at him and screaming his name. I rush and pluck him out of the water and stand him on the toilet and pound his back to get all the water out. HE WAS NOT HAPPY! I didn't care I was still in shock from seeing him completely under the water!!!!! I was only gone less than five seconds!!!! Thank you Dallas for calling for help to save your little brother!!!

Ok so after I calmed down and realized I had not lost another child...I started worrying about dry drowning.(if you don't know what it is look it up! It is scary!) Then I was so tired I fell asleep and forgot about it. Peter on the other hand woke up like 7 times to check on him. Thank you honey!!

Ok so Thursday rolls around all too quickly...seriously where is the time going? The sister missionaries come over and I was feeding Kaden on the kitchen chair. All of a sudden he looses his balance and falls backwards and hits the back of his head. I check him out and he stops crying. I stopped worrying. 2am my hubby comes in and says that Kaden is throwing up. I help clean up and change him and go back to bed...Peter is asleep instantly...Kaden throws up 3 more times and eventually wakes up Kira and Dallas. Dallas won't go back to sleep and HAS to sleep on our floor next to our bed. I got back to sleep by 4 am. I was so tired!! I decided to let everyone sleep in since we had such an eventful night. We got up at around 9:30 and my brain started to put two and two together. I called the nurse and she said to take him IMMEDIATELY to the ER. So I haul all the kids to the ER and luckily the sister miss. called someone in the ward to come get my other kids so they didn't have to sit through the waiting. Thank you Bonnie! Anyway they did a full neurological exam and he is fine! Whew! They think he must have had a minor concussion and just gotten it all out of his system. Why do I feel like some incompetent mother to not put those two things together!!! Yikes! I mean my grandmother just died two years ago with in 24 hrs of hitting her head! You would think I would be a little concerned!!

Well off we go to another week...I just hope its not as eventful as the last!

PS Congrats to all those families who are expecting and adopting..I am so excited for you all! You know who you are!!!

Side note: Dallas is doing so well on speeking that we are able to understand about 50% of what he is saying now! YEA!!! I was laughing the other day because we were going over different animals and the sounds they make:

Cow=Dow Moo=Moo Cat=diddy dat Meow=now sheep=eep baa=aaa Duck=utt quack=DRAT DRAT

I laughed so hard and asked him to say it again.....what does a duck say......Drat drat!! LOL
He really is trying to say quack but he can't pronounce q's or k's yet. Oh so cute!

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Janice said...

life is never boring is it?:)