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Friday, June 19, 2009

So for my birthday I asked Bryson to send me of a picture of him that I could put up in my house since I have been putting up pictures. For those of you who don't know...Bryson is on a mission in Denver Colorado.

Here is what he sent me with what he wrote on the back(I will try to translate for you):

Learned to play the bagpipes...ish.

And the accordian!

(Me scriptures)? dominated by a sister missionary. They don't stop talking!
Emu band we created to make fun of emu people...:) There are songs and everything.

Welcome to Rifle!

Morning exersise up the mountian to look out.

Morning exercise. Looking over 1/8 of our area.

Pretty sweet huh?
I just laugh at this last one!!! Ok dude Love the flower thanks!
But my favorite is the bag pipes and kilt!
I am so glad he is so happy and enjoying this opportunity to serve. I am so proud of him! I can't belive that in 2 weeks is his year mark! Yikes!


Mark + Tiffany said...

LOL, he seems pretty funny! What mission is he in exactly? It would be crazy to have him in our area...Mark would get a kick out of that :) And the pic about the sisters dominating him says "me getting dominated by a sister missionary". Yeah, I can read that, but not any other ones!! haha

Brian said...

Holy cow, I didn't know that he was serving in Denver. The city of Rifle is about 4 hours away, but it still in our mission. Maybe he'll end up serving in my ward!