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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Catch up

I know I haven't written in a while but that's because it has been CRAZY! With school started and Soccer and everything else in between, I'm surprised I've had time to.....oh wait I don't have time for anything. HAHA.

Kira and Logan are still doing AWESOME in soccer. The last two weeks combined they have scored over 7 goals each and when Logan is goalie, he has only let one ball through out of 15! They are both having so much fun and are really enjoying themselves.

Logan is doing really well in school, as is Kira. Dallas is adjusting to having every other day with only Mom and Kaden, since Kira goes to school Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday. Dallas is actually learning how to play with Kaden, its quite amusing to watch. He plays Peek-a-boo with him but it comes out "bee-a-boo."

On Sunday it was such a nice night that Logan and Kira wanted to sleep under the stars. So Peter dragged out some mattresses and Logan, Kira and I slept under the stars. It was so beautiful! We talked about the Milky Way and watched for shooting stars. We saw about 4 shooting stars, though if you ask Kira she will tell you she saw 11! The kids were so excited, I had a hard time trying to get them to close their mouths and their eyes! We had so much fun!

Well, asthma season has started back in, luckily out of all 3 of my boys only one is having issues at this point. Kaden has started wheezing again and has started to get a cold. Which he promptly gave to me and Kira. I think I am starting to get a sinus infection, my whole face hurts! Thank you so very much Kaden!

We are very excited for this weekend. Peters brother Jared and his family are coming to visit! It has been since last October since we've seen them and we are not used to having such long intervals in between visits since we used to live in the same city. I miss you Emily!!!

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