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Thursday, September 4, 2008

What a good babysitter

Kira has always been my biggest helper with all of my babies, and she constantly tells me that she can't wait to be a mom. Well the other day I needed something downstairs and didn't want to carry Kaden down the stairs, so I put him on the floor and told Kira to play with him till I got back. She of course was glad to do it and sat down and was playing with him. I came up the stairs 3 min later and this is what I found. She had picked Kaden up and put him on the rocking dog(yes, you read that right DOG, it barks too). Kaden weighs a whooping 23 pds and Kira weighs 35. I was surprised that she could even pick him up. She said, "Mom, he was crying so I wanted to make him happy!" She is going to make a GREAT MOM!

Look how happy they are!

She loves to make this face! I think its funny!
She and Kaden have such fun together!


Rachel and Ryan said...

Way to go girl!!! I love your background. Your blog is sooo cute! The pictures are adorable and I love your family picture at the top. Good luck with coaching. How the heck are you having energy for that you busy mama? Take care Jen and get some rest when you can.

Cherie said...

Too cute! You are such a good mom. I can't believe you are coaching too! How do you keep up with all of this? Do you even play soccer? ;)

Cherie said...

BTW, I LOVE that picture of Kira that you have on the side. Her hair is just perfect...