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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fun Snipets from the Newman Kids

This last June we went to my parents house in San Antonio TX, and like almost all grandparents they spoiled my kids. My Dad would feed them ice cream or cake for breakfast and all sorts of other "healthy" things.

This last Saturday I was going through the freezer and realized that the ice cream was going to go bad, so I called the kids in and gave them each a bowl. While in the other room I hear them at the table:

Logan: "Remember when Papa would feed us ice cream for breakfast?"
Kira: "Yea, he loves to spoil us!"
Logan: "Remember when he wouldn't let us go to bed without ice cream or oreos?"
Kira: "Yea, I miss those times. Mom never lets us do that stuff!"
Logan: "Yea, those were the good ole' days."

On Monday we were outside laying on the grass and looking at the stars. We noticed that it was really quiet. No crickets, owls, dogs, or coyotes. Coyotes are very prevalent in our area and we usually hear them howling. We were talking about the coyotes and Kira said she was scared.

Peter trying to make her feel better asked: "Who is on top of the food chain?"
Kira very quickly stated: "Mommy!"

On Tuesday we went to a Relief Society Potluck at a sisters house that lived in town. This part of town is very hilly and the hill we parked on was almost straight up and down.

Kira: "Mom, we should have walked here!" (We live 15 min away driving time)
Mom: "Kira, that would have taken a very long time to walk!"
Kira: "But Mom, you would loose all your weight!"

I must be talking about loosing weight a little too much around her!


Cherie said...

Kira is too funny! I love that they were eating icecream and saying that you NEVER let them do that kind of stuff.

Adverb said...

Wow! Your kids are so old! I can't believe it. Dallas had just been born when you moved away, and now look at them! Wow...

My mom says hi. :)

- Lee Ferrin