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Monday, September 1, 2008

Great day for Bikes

A couple of weeks ago we thought it would be good for the kids to get some bikes and actually LEARN how to ride them. We went to Garage sales hoping to find some cool deals but they were more expensive than the ones at Walmart! So one day I took Logan and Kira down and got them new bikes. For the last two weeks Logan has been outside when he gets the chance or when its not raining and trying to learn all by himself! He declined help from me and Dad and from Papa and Gma. He just kept trying and falling and trying and falling. One time he got up to like 8 pedals with out falling and was doing reall well till he hit the back end of the TRAILER at full speed! He survived with just a little road rash. Still did not detour him from trying again. Today he did it! He can now offically ride a bike! He's not so good at the steering part yet but he has the general idea. (He ran straight into Dallas tire hitting face and all! Dallas' teeth cut into his top lip but he's fine, Logan's pride his hurt but they are all ok!) We are so proud of Logan and how well he is doing! Here's a couple of pictures of Logan riding.

Kira is also doing well with learning how to ride. She has the balance for the most part she just forgets to keep pedaling! The only problem, I've learned as a parent, with teaching kids how to ride bikes is the fact that you have to run with them! OH MY! I'm so tired!
Dallas has been so cute with them learning to ride their bikes. He didn't have one and so he took Kira's little Princess scooter and would go every 3 feet and then fall down. He was noticing the kids falling down while riding their bike that he thought it was the thing to do! He was so funny. I found this little bike at Value Village and its a little beat up but he LOVES it! Its just his size too. He hasn't quite learned that you have to pedal forward to move the bike forward. He just gets on and yells,"Mom, Puuuush!" He's so cute!!

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